Savage Bliss nominated at Les Octaves de la Musique

Amute's Savage Bliss is nominated for Best Electronic album at Les Octaves de la Musique in Belgium!
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LPs and CDs are still available (clik on the links).


Riccardo Dillon Wanke - Cuts // NOW AVAILABLE

and it's a great great record.



We are very very happy to announce that our latest releases are now available in France at Metamkine!
Metamkine is a reference on electroacoustic, improvised and experimental music, so it's great to work with them.

three:four on metamkine

A quick reminder for international custumers:
Germany: a-musik
USA and rest of the world: CTD, Ltd


David Maranha & Helena Espvall - Sombras Incendiadas // more reviews

Dusted magazine
"You might wonder if, given the close comparisons drawn to other records, you need to hear this one. If you like to taste and move on, maybe you don’t. But if you get sustenance from a sound, this stuff is fresh new food, cooked according to known recipes but without the books and measuring implements handy. The duo have taken the idea of a dish and made it in their exceedingly satisfying way."
Full review by Bill Meyer

Vital Weekly
"Over the course of many years I have been enjoying the music from David Maranha a lot. First when he was playing with Osso Exotico, a group with among others his brother Andre, and later on solo or in collaboration with others. One could easily say, with any exaggeration, that Maranha represents minimal music in Portugal, more so than say Rafael Toral who is more the 'drone' master (before he started being interested in jazz). It's busy as hell, with these loud, repetitive moves that sound like a menace and it's nowhere mechanical. This is a heavy record, I must say. It's not for the weak of hearth and mind: it goes right into your brain and sticks like thick knitting needle; it goes under your skin and never leaves. This is not the kind of drone aiming to please the listener, but make him sit upright and listens carefully. Play loud is not something I would say easily, but in this case: yes, absolutely play very loud and don't engage yourself in any other activity, other than listening and be fully immersed." (FdW)
Full review

Norman records
"Here’s a lovely disc of rasping, writhing duets from these violin and cello abusers. It’s hard for a drone recording featuring a violin not to reference Tony Conrad, and there is definitely a nod to his piercing minimalist strains here. But there is a much more improvisatory element at work over the four tracks here as rhythms and harmonic patterns ebb and flow across the resonating expanse of sound. The amplified tone of the instruments means that the huskiness of the bowed textures melds with overdriven valves lending the whole thing a woody knottiness and analogue warmth that is a far cry from a lot of ambient electronic drone stuff. Some of the tremolo effects and modulation trance-outs even hit the same vein of primitive transcendence as Henry Flynt’s hillbilly minimalism.

By the last track it starts to sound a little too noodlesome for me, making me yearn for the pair to reign-in their sound a bit and show a more austere side. A nice listen overall though, especially for lovers of the living drone and ecstatic improvisation."

Full review (2015-01-29)