David Maranha & Helena Espvall

FREQ on 'Sombras Incendiadas'
"This is not in any sense ambient music, and its drones are not the kind which lull and soothe, but which perk up and stimulate the senses by pricking relentlessly at the skin and nagging ever more scabrously at the recipient’s tolerance for prolonged dissonance."
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SKUG on 'Sombras Incendiadas' (raw traduction from german)
"Hence the warning: Who has the droning minimalism hidden in the "Black Angel's Death Song," the Velvet Underground blows away the spiders legs, or the leaves of "Sombras Incendiadas" better the finger. However, if at free jazz-like feedback attacks, the noise antics of Sonic Youth (the albums of the avant-garde SYR series), in short, to all sorts of varieties (un) controlled noise has its joy, or reach for here and will not be disappointed. The nearly 40-minute Klangbad pulls out all the stops unleashed drone music. For Use it should be added: Maximum volume yields maximum results, ie: "PLAY LOUD""
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David Maranha & Helena Esvpall - Sombras Incendiadas

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David Maranha & Helena Espvall - Sombras Incendiadas / now available


Our first release of 2015 is a collaboration between portugese noise legend David Maranha and swedish, now lisbon based, cellist Helena Espvall.
We are really excited by this album, since Maranha's Marches of the New World and Antartica are amongst our favorite records.
If you like these albums, or if you're into La Monte Young, Velvet Underground or Tony Conrad kind of stuff, you will like this intense and raw record, Sombras Incendiadas.

It's available on vinyl here or digitally there.


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