Filipe Felizardo - Exclusive listen on the wire's website

Listen to an exclusive live recording of a concert by Portuguese guitarist, Filipe Felizardo on thewire.co.uk.

This is a live recording of a concert earlier this year by the guitarist Filipe Felizardo at Lisbon's ZDB venue. The tracks performed are: "Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues", "Canção De Embalar", "It's Not Blues", É Cona", "Song For My Father" and "Morte (Poor Camel Long Way From Home) (featuring Norberto Lobo)".

Volume II: Sede E Morte Guitar Variations For The Thirsty And The Dead is reviewed by Frances Morgan in The Wire 366 and described as being "like a monstrous ghost of Takoma music"

IT'S HERE! (2014-07-29)

Textura review of Imagho & Mocke - Half Quartet

Nice review of Half Quartet in this month edition of Textura.
"An album refreshingly free of affectation and pretension, Half Quartet proves that music of timeless quality can be brought into being from nothing more than two guitars, four microphones, and two artful creators."

Full review here (2014-07-28)

New Silencio digital single

"A Sense of Closure" is the new digital single from Silencio on the "pay what you want" mode. It's available on their Bandcamp page: http://silencio.bandcamp.com/album/a-sense-of-closure

The title track was recorded during the sessions from their last album. With it comes an alternate version of "Blood From a Stone", featuring Christophe Collart on clarinet.

Their latest album The Politics of Lonely is still available on LP.

More Filipe

Learn more about Filipe by reading this article published on the great blog by Miguel Copon, Prepared Guitar

There is also a review of Sede e Morte on jazz.pt. It seems very positive, but I am not able to translate portugese in english, so...
Here it is.